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About SecuReach Systems

Deliver Private Health Information to patients at a rate that is truly amazing using our patented SecuReach communications software system. Do more every day without adding staff or reinventing their work flow. The SecuReach implementation process fits easily into the practice's current work flow. Keep your same staff communicating with patients plus add the benefit of significantly reducing phone tag and eliminating the need to leave general messages that trigger a call back to the office.  Any member of the practice can make 25 or more outbound calls in the same time 2 outbound calls are completed today.  SecuReach has a 94% retreval rate versus the 6-10% average usage rate for patient portals.

Do today what you didn't do yesterday. SecuReach will track the "exceptions" within your patient population of what is not happening as you prescribed using the SecuReach Daily Dashboard. Know which patients haven't followed through on a referral, booked that follow up appointment or completed that required diagnostic test. Focus time and energy on the exceptions to otherwise great patient communication.

SecuReach is a cloud application. There is no hardware to buy or dedicated phone lines to install.  

How the System Works
Group Messaging
Test Tracking
Appointment Reminders
Malpractice Risk Reduction Cases
HIPAA Compliance

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