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HIPAA Secure Messaging

HIPAA Secure MessagingProtect Patient Confidentiality

Deliver Private Health Information to your patients using the patented SecuReach communication software system. Actively engage your patients using our automated technology that makes telephone calls and delivers timely email and text reminders for you.

Sending HIPAA compliant, password protected telephone messages is the core operating feature of the SecuReach communication software system. Securely notify patients about private health information. Encourage your patient to book a specific follow up appointment or provide your patient with specific information regarding their diagnostic test.

Place the SecuReach communication software system into your patient communication work flow and watch the results pay back immediately in saved "phone tag" time and lost revenue for patients that are not compliant with their medical care follow up.

With Secure Messaging Capabilities, your patients can retrieve messages from you on their own schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch your patient satisfaction improve.


How the System Works
Group Messaging
Test Tracking
Appointment Reminders
Malpractice Risk Reduction Cases
HIPAA Compliance

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