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Malpractice Defense

Malpractice DefenseA good Offense is a great Defense

Imagine the contents of your medical communications documented and stored permanently on a real time basis. 

Deliver Private Health Information to patients immediately using the patented SecuReach communication software system and do today what some only wish they could do. Step up to a level of electronic patient communication tracking that serves as your defense in a medical malpractice claim.

Have at your disposal:
1) the date you created private health information for your patient
2) the date you notified your patient about this private health informaiton
3) the date your patient listened to their private health information

Using SecuReach, you will capture the day and time your patient was notified and when your patient listened to their private health information.

SecuReach will store your message trails and can retrieve any message trail needed for defense of a medical malpractice claim.

Have a Daily Dashboard Report at your fingertips that tracks the "exceptions" within your patient population of what is not happening as you prescribed. Know which patients haven't followed through on a referral, booked that follow up appointment or completed that required diagnostic test.

How the System Works
Group Messaging
Test Tracking
Appointment Reminders
Malpractice Risk Reduction Cases
HIPAA Compliance

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