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Features / Functions

SecuReach System Features and Functions

  • The System – integrated web-based application, which allows you to input private health information in an organized and easy manner. The system then contacts the patient and tells them that a message is pending. The patient calls the SecuReach toll free number and follows the prompts to access the results. Automatic reminders are built into the system and sent via email, text and voice to the patient if they haven't followed through as you prescribed or if messages are not retrieved.
  • Daily Dashboard – in real time, a status update is shown on the home page of the application’s site. All users can see at a glance all actions which have not been completed and messages which have not been received.  
  • Group Processing – communicates to groups of patients or staff with a single action. Uses of this function include:
  • Notification to patients of office closing due to emergencies
  • Create a Group Result to a specific test for multiple patients with the same result
  • Enter a specific event to multiple patients all at once
  • Manage Daily Dashboard with Group Archiving
  • Office announcements to selected groups of patients
  • Appointments – SecuReach includes a Cloud based appointment reminder service. Patients can confirm their appointment after the delivery of the reminder. 
  • EHR/EMRs – SecuReach works well as a stand alone system in offices that already have an EHR.  Please contact us to see how SecuReach can integrate with your EHR system. 
How the System Works
Group Messaging
Test Tracking
Appointment Reminders
Malpractice Risk Reduction Cases
HIPAA Compliance

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