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How the System Works

How the System Works

Patient Utlization

  • SecuReach utilization is in excess of 94%


  • The use of voice verses data technology eliminates the potential for misinterpreting written information. It is more personal than a written test summary

The SecuReach System allows patients to hear/replay messages in their doctor’s own voice, reassuring them with a personal touch.

The physicians who utilize SecuReach currently have more than 34,000 patients over the age of 90 who don’t even own computers.

Ease of Use

  • Patients can access their messages from anywhere at any time without needing access to the internet
  • Physicians can record messages in just a few seconds. Our physician survey reveals that the average practice saves between one - two hours daily per physician by using SecuReach
  • Many practices experience a reduction of up to 40% in time spent on the telephone


How the System Works
Group Messaging
Test Tracking
Appointment Reminders
Malpractice Risk Reduction Cases
HIPAA Compliance

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